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White Dutch Onion 'Snowball' White Dutch Onion 'Snowball'

These snowy white onions are resistant to bolting and are very long keeping. Mild flavor perfect for fresh eating as well s cooking.Price is for one package of 75 onion sets.

Our Price: $4.00
Strawberry 'AC Wendy' Strawberry 'AC Wendy'

Large firm berries, this variety ripens in the early June season. The tasty berries also freeze well. Price is for a bundle of 25 roots.

Our Price: $9.00
Strawberry 'Sparkle' Strawberry 'Sparkle'

Medium-sized berries that are tasty as well as being able to be frozen for later. Ripening in the late season they are productive and easy to grow. Very cold hardy. Price is for a bundle of 25 roots.

Our Price: $9.00
Asparagus Roots 'Martha Washington' Asparagus Roots 'Martha Washington'

An heirloom variety of asparagus, it is very strong growing and flavorful as well as being suitable for freezing. Once established, each crown can produce up to 25 spears. Price is for a bundle of 25 roots.

Our Price: $10.00
Seedless Green Grapes (Vitis himrod) Seedless Green Grapes (Vitis himrod)

A sell out at last year's sale, V. himrod is hardy to our area the vines will mature to 15-20' long. Does the best in loamy soil but will tolerate average garden soil. This grape needs well-drained soil and will do the best if planted in a southern facing location to minimum the chance of late spring frosts. It is sun loving plant and the more sun the sweeter the fruit.This vine is self pollinating and for best fruit production it will need to be trained on a trellis or arbor. Price is for one fine in a pint-sized container.

Our Price: $12.00
Thornless Blackberry 'Chester' Thornless Blackberry 'Chester'

Vigorous thornless canes that bear large, tasty berries that ripen in July. Berries are firm but not tart. Price is for 3 canes.

Our Price: $12.00
Early Raspberries 'Prelude' Early Raspberries 'Prelude'

Gorgeous early season berries full of flavor that freezes well and is delicious in jams, desserts and fresh. The canes are vigorous and hardy and may give you a bonus second harvest in the fall. Price is for three canes

Our Price: $12.00
Mid Season Raspberry 'Latham' Mid Season Raspberry 'Latham'

Latham is an heirloom variety that is perfect for home gardeners. The berries are tasty, firm and good for all that you would use raspberries for.  The canes are very winter hardy as well as disease resistant. Scarlet foliage in the fall adds beauty to the garden every fall. Price is for a bundle of 3 canes.

Our Price: $12.00
Fall Bearing Raspberries 'Heritage' Fall Bearing Raspberries 'Heritage'

Another heirloom variety of raspberry that is just what the home gardener needs. Large, firm dark red berries are perfect for all occasions. This variety is also known for beginning to fruit in the first year. Price is for a bundle of 3 canes

Our Price: $12.00
Horseradish Roots 'Big Top' Horseradish Roots 'Big Top'

This variety of horseradish is large, vigorous and full of flavor. Horseradish can be harvested the second fall after planting, just leave some of the roots behind for future growth. Price is for a bundle of 4 roots.

Our Price: $15.00
Apple Tree 'Honeycrisp' Apple Tree 'Honeycrisp'

One of the most popular varieties of apple, the fruit has a crisp-sweet flavor. This particular strain of Honeycrisp has all of the wonder full qualities of the original Honeycrisp but this tree will produce fruit that has more of a red color. Honeycrisp is delecioius in your recipes but it is best known for its flavor when eaten fresh. Price is for a 4-5' whip transplant.

Our Price: $28.00
Peach Tree 'Reliance' Peach Tree 'Reliance'

Peaches? Here? Yes! Reliance peaches have been developed to be grown in colder climates where peaches don't usually survive. It has been known to have a heavy harvest of peaches as far north as Canada, even after a harsh winter. Released in 1964 after having been developed in New Hampshire. Price is for a 4-5' whip transplant.

Our Price: $28.00
Blueberry Trio Blueberry Trio

The Blueberry Trio gives you one each of a blueberry seedling that are ready to harvest in the early season, mid season and late mid season.
1 'Patriot' (early season) Lots of large, flavorful berries that are good for everything requiring blueberries! Baking, preserves, freezing, eating fresh. As a bonus the bush produces masses of spring flowers and orange leaves in the fall.
2. 'Blue Gold' (mid season) Highly productive with excellent fruit. These berries have many of the same qualities as Patriot but the berries themselves are smaller. Excellent for cooking and freezing and, of course, eating right off of the bush.
3. 'Nelson' (late mid season)
A variety widely planted because of its dependable fruiting of a large, lighter blueberry that is very firm with good flavor. The plant grows very upright and needs little pruning because of its open spreading plant habit.
Price is for three 1-year-old seedlings that are about 12-15" tall. One each of Patriot, Blue Gold and Nelson

Our Price: $38.00